Thursday, April 18, 2013

a windy day on the farm

decided to do another YouTube video. no poetry this time, just the wind out here on the farm today. there must be a massive cold front coming as the wind has been non-stop since this morning. anyways, here's the video with the new wind chimes in action.

was a little disappointed with Manchester United yesterday as they got outplayed for most of the game. they did end up with a 2-2 draw, albeit on a RvP goal that was offside. but, i'll gladly take the point. just 6 points away from title #20. that's just 2 wins. if they can't do that, they don't deserve to win it.

had an unexpected victory beer last night as the Yankees came back from being down 3-0 to win 4-3. CC settled down after the early innings, the bats came alive finally in the 7th and Travis Hafner hit a pinch hit HR in the 8th. i'm really starting to like this team. especially when they win.

the New York Rangers, since they have pissed away any wiggle room they had to make the playoffs, have an absolutely HUGE MUST WIN game tonight. they pretty much need to win out to make sure they make it. they are playing against teams they should destroy. of course, if they put in a full 60 minutes that is. they can't show up in the 2nd period and think they'll win like they did the last game.

the poet of the day on my Google+ page is Ed Galing. Ed is truly one of the old souls that i truly enjoy seeing in the same zines i am in. always good to know he's still around. do yourself a favor and do a quick Google search. it will be worth your time.

i was watching last night as the first sporting event in Boston took place. if, by chance, you did not get to see the national anthem, check it out below

music today:

Hayes Carll - Trouble in Mind
Radiohead - The Bends

"I was a shy, quiet kid. I was happiest playing by myself with my toys, rather than hanging around people." - Christian Slater

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