Monday, April 1, 2013

i wish it was all just a bad joke

so, i got up this morning before the sun. got some shit done, had breakfast, and got ready to watch Manchester United vs. Chelsea. i should have just stayed in bed. at no point in this match did i feel like United was playing well enough to win. so, hats off to Chelsea as they won 1-0. yet another year without the FA Cup. and to think a few months ago i thought they would win the treble this year, it's going to be really fucking hard to not think of just winning the league title as something other than disappointing.

so, after that, had a few hours until Yankee Opening Day. another fucking waste of my time. they lost to the Red Sox 8-2. it's pretty fucking simple this year for the Yankees. if they don't pitch well, they will not win. plain and simple. that is, until the $200 million or so on the disabled list comes back. and by then, who knows how many fucking games they will be out of the race. sadly, most of the game was an extension of last season. just the simple inability to get a hit when it matters.

so, tonight i'll see if the New York Rangers can either pull me out of this funk or just put a fitting end to a shitty day. they play at home in a must win against Winnipeg, a team they haven't beat this season. thank fucking god The Voice and Monday Night Raw are on tonight as well.

and seeing that this is the last Raw before Wrestlemania, it should be really damn good.

as for the weekend, not much at all went on. got about half of the basketball games right (a cheap attempt at being positive, i got the other half wrong). my sister came down for the weekend and it's always good catching up with her. the weather was mostly decent, so that was nice. i was watching the Louisville game when that kid broke his leg. that was really fucking gruesome. might be as bad as i've seen in all my years watching sports. and god knows i've seen so many damn injuries that are 'holy shit' moments, they all tend to blend together anymore.

i still have the team i picked to win the National Championship alive (Louisville). i finished 3rd in fantasy hockey for the regular season. the playoffs start tonight. all of us finished at least 10 games behind the regular season champion, so anyone other than him winning will be a complete upset. fantasy baseball started last night as well. off to a decent start, knock on wood.

what i will try to do for National Poetry Month is post a poem to my Google+ page each day of the month. today was a little Walt Whitman.

lastly, especially if i have another writing session in the next few days, expect some news on some poetry submissions.

music today:

Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss

"A man paints with his brains and not with his hands." - Michelangelo

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