Wednesday, November 21, 2012

and here come the holidays

first off, this blog post is brought to you by The Sam Roberts Show Online, episode #35. i urge all of you to listen to this for Sam's take on the Elmo controversy. you will never look at puppets or cartoons the same again. you can find the show on ITunes, Stitcher, and by going to if you can help Sam out, by all means do so. also, if you like what you hear, tell as many people as you know.

i had an eye appointment yesterday (my left eye has gotten worse, but, new glasses coming soon) so i missed Manchester United's loss yesterday. given that they have already clinched the group in Champions League play, i'm not too concerned. BUT, they better fucking win this weekend against QPR.

i did manage to see that Chelsea lost and their manager got fired after the game. pure fucking glee on my end.

after i get done with this i will hopefully catch CR7 eliminating Manchester City. fingers are crossed.

i'm on a bit of a Rolling Stones kick here lately. really enjoyed Crossfire Hurricane on HBO and the new video for Doom and Gloom is interesting. of course, i may have just liked it for the nudity, but the song is pretty damn good as well. hunt the internet a bit, you'll find it.

speaking of music, found some new music on today. check out the music section and do check out the bands. well worth your time.

lastly, i do hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. if you happen to be going shopping, please lose your patience and murder someone. ok, that was just to see if people are actually reading this.

i have started my Christmas shopping. hello internet. given that most of the stores around me have closed, i don't know if i will leave the home to buy anything. of course, it feels like i'm trying to keep the postal service afloat by myself. that being said, a few lucky ones should be checking their mailboxes in the coming weeks.

music today:

Pixies - Doolittle
Saints Apollo - Saints Apollo EP
Boots & Wesson - Boots & Wesson EP

and now from the birthday boy:
"When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion." - Voltaire

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