Thursday, November 29, 2012

...and back to reality

first things first, this blog post is brought to you by episode #36 of The Sam Roberts Show Online. you can find the show on ITunes, Stitcher, and by going here give it a listen, you'll enjoy it. and even if you don't, tell someone about it. and help Sam out if you can. help him add a video element to the podcast as well. this guy has all the goods to be big one day. get on the train early.

hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday. i had my usual family dinner on Friday. i don't do much family shit on Thanksgiving. i decided as a teen it probably wasn't the best for me to be with the cousin that molested me as a child. so, i imagine once she dies, maybe i'll come around again. until then, it will be me, some football, some porn, and an early start to Christmas shopping. which, thankfully, i am about 98% done with.

i was going to get on here earlier and give a long rant about UD losing tonight by 1 fucking point to Weber St. but i decided to let my anger pass. i didn't go to the game as my mother is in Columbus at a conference and i really didn't feel like driving at night with these new glasses. (quick side note, holy fuck my eyes are bad. first time i've had new glasses in 3 years and fuck, it was like the first time i saw HD. oh, so that's what i have been missing. i'm willing to bet in 10 years i'll be legally blind.) but, by watching the game i remembered why i always like going. god, the UD tv announcers fucking suck. just god fucking awful. let alone the game. when you can't make a shot from 3 feet to save your life, you die. it's really that simple.

thankfully, Manchester United won earlier in the day 1-0. RvP scores 31 seconds in and the other 93 minutes were nearly a complete fucking bore. but, 3 points are 3 points. and a clean sheet, been a long fucking time since i remember one of those.

random thoughts

tomorrow will be a laundry day, wait around for the UPS/FED EX guy day, hope my fantasy football team gets off to a good start day, who did the Yankees sign day, does this still look good to eat day.

i gave in to the hype and got Trilogy by TheWeeknd. glad i did.

totally stoked for the final 6 from The Voice. i'm good with any one of them winning.

Boardwalk Empire has really got hot with the last 2 episodes. can't wait for the season finale coming up.

welcome back Kuroda and Pettitte. may father time elude both of you AGAIN. fuck me, sign someone under 40 for a fucking change.

i think i figured out what was leaking in the fridge. and if my mother reads this, i mopped and cleaned it well. if she's not reading this, i love strong paper towels.

music today:

Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.
Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day
Audrey Rose - Smoke EP
The Lighthouse and The Whaler - Pioneers EP
Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the Living
Guided By Voices - Class Clown Spots A UFO
Guided By Voices - The Bears For Lunch
TheWeeknd - Trilogy

and in honor of the greatest guitar player that ever walked the earth
"You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven." - Jimi Hendrix

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