Friday, November 2, 2012

it wouldn't be a Friday afternoon without...

i just love watching tv in the afternoon, nearly asleep, when i see something come across the crawl. and not really sure if this is real or my evil side is making up shit to fuck with me, i make a mad scramble to the computer. and sure enough, the news was real.

always fun trying to find a replacement running back when your most important fantasy match up is just a few days away. and when the choices are basically shit, you slowly begin to realize the chances of you being 9-0 after this week have just about ended. i could think of about a trillion other ways to start my weekend...

just heard from my publisher. Sofisticated White Trash should be hitting the streets in January 2013. a nice way to mark my 37th year on this planet.

saw today that the NHL cancelled the Winter Classic. a quick note to the owners. you already have a loaded gun in your mouth. pull the fucking trigger and cancel the season already so the rest of us can get on without a sport we have devoted our lives to. and when the most loyal fans in sports don't come back, don't question why, just look in the fucking mirror. you brought this upon yourself. ask the players to police you by giving money back that you have already paid them. let alone, ask them to do it twice in 7 years. what a fucking joke. hopefully some network here is smart enough to show games in Europe on a regular basis. and it wouldn't shock me if most of the players just say fuck it and don't come back.

i'm going to try to get to bed early tonight as Manchester United plays early in the morning. let alone Ohio State in the afternoon, 3 huge college football games at night (overlapping each other on top of it), and one of my favorite comedians ever hosting Saturday Night Live (Louis C.K.). i'm getting too old for this shit.

and on Sunday, the Dayton Flyers play their final exhibition game. nothing like a little college basketball while i'm sitting there wondering how all my fantasy football players are doing. the game is just late enough that i won't see how the late games finish. and, of course, most of my guys are in the late games. fuck me runnin'.

and to top all of it off, i'm developing a pain in my left elbow that feels like a pinched nerve. my mother believes it could be some kind of carpal tunnel given all the typing i do. fucking lovely.

hope all of you have a lovely weekend. to my friends in NY and NJ, i'll send my love and some cash, but i urge all of you to grab a weapon and embrace anarchy. and with that lovely thought, a fond farewell.

music today:

Slayer - Reign In Blood
Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around

"A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him." - Brendan Francis

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