Sunday, August 7, 2016

what a crazy Sunday...

so i started off this morning knowing that two "major" events were going to be taking place at the same time this morning. Manchester United playing for the Community Shield and A-Rod was having a press conference at Yankee Stadium. i might as well start there...

the New York Yankees lost yesterday 5-2. later that night, word came out that there was going to be a press conference today at 11 AM. thankfully, the Yankees sent out a press release right before the press conference stating what was going on. A-Rod's last game will be on this upcoming Friday, mostly so he can play his final game in front of his mother. after that, the team will unconditionally release him from his player contract. he then will become a special advisor to the team, directly reporting to the owner. more or less, he's still owed $27 million dollars and they are going to force him to earn it one way or another. and since he's shot as a baseball player... so the Yankees went out on win one for Alex day and did just that, winning 3-2. they are off tomorrow before starting a series in Boston. if i was the manager, i'd play Alex at least once in Boston, so those fans can get one more loud boo in for him.

so i didn't watch much of the press conference so i could focus on the Community Shield. you can really tell that Manchester United is still searching for chemistry and fitness. hats off to Jesse Lingard for yet another amazing goal at Wembley. United had the lead 1-0 at half. Leicester City came out and really pressed in the second half. of course, a stupid fucking back pass from Fellaini helped them out as well. but in the 83rd minute, enter the man who wants to be the God of Manchester.
Zlatan scores his first Manchester United goal that ends up winning the Community Shield for the 21st time. i certainly love when a team plays like shit and still wins. plenty of room for improvement. and they now can end the streak for Community Shield winners not winning the league. all in all, i really think this team can do magical things this season, especially when United sent this out on their website.
holy shit, i guess the Paul Pogba rumors are true. the club confirmed he was getting his medical done today. well, well, well... this season will be interesting for sure.

congrats to the boys on the trophy, hopefully the first of many this season.

i watched ROH this afternoon as it didn't record last night for some reason. another excellent episode, as usual.

i really enjoyed Austin City Limits last night. Ms. Lauryn Hill hasn't missed a beat over the years. simply amazing.

enjoy some music:

and now some of this and that:

on the DVR tonight will be Big Brother, Power, The Night Of, Ballers, Vice Principals, Last Week Tonight, Ray Donovan and Roadies.

i did watch team USA women's soccer defeat France yesterday 1-0. they really played a great second half and earned that victory. the USA men's basketball team destroyed China last night, 119-62. i don't think they will play a close game in the Olympics. hopefully i'm wrong, but i doubt it.

well, now i have some drinking to go do and maybe a little poetic magic tricks as well. maybe.

i hope everyone had a great Saturday. hopefully your Sunday will be even better.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Bob Dylan - Farewell, Angelina
Swedish House Mafia - Save the World (Knife Party Remix)
Morphine - Cure for Pain

"It's a shallow life that doesn't give a person a few scars." - Garrison Keillor

and your whatever the fuck i wanted you to see video of the day:

the salad i had for dinner last night attacked before i could hit publish on this. just thought you wanted the visual stuck in your head now.

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