Monday, September 7, 2015

waiting in line at Waffle House

i'm not a big fan of crowds, waiting in line, people in general, etc. so when i drove my mother and sister up to Waffle House this morning and the parking lot was full, the first thing i thought was i forgot pen and paper. this is poem making material. now, i have a tendency when i get around people to hear all the conversations going on at once. then i sort of pick and choose what to listen to. so there was one guy that spent all morning mowing grass and there's the other who had a buddy go to Las Vegas to get rich and then the woman coughing up a lung who wanted a little more sugar in her coffee. the only problem with this tendency is i go silent while doing it. so i'm not the greatest companion in this type of situation. good thing both my mother and sister know i'm an asshole, so it's not a big deal. amazingly, we were in and out of Waffle House in a little over 30 minutes. after that, i drove out to the old farm to see the damage. they are still in the process of selling off the old barns; most of the structure of the old hog barn is still up. and to think i spent damn near half my life out at that place. i have to admit, the lane is much better now. the rest, i'm not a fan of.

the New York Yankees put me to sleep yesterday in the first 5 innings. i woke up after all the good shit in the 6th. when i fell asleep they were losing 3-0. when i saw they were winning 4-3 i had to go get the tablet and see what happened. HUGE home runs from McCann and A-Rod gave the Yankees the lead yesterday. they played tack on baseball and eventually won 6-4. that wins the series against Tampa. they now face Baltimore this afternoon. Toronto won again yesterday, so the Yankees have to be in the keep winning mentality, no matter what. after the Baltimore series, the Blue Jays come to town.

the Sunday night shows were good last night. Big Brother was pretty funny. i'm wondering how much of the last two days is going to make the Wednesday show. The Strain was excellent last night. Ray Donovan was excellent as well. it also peeled another layer off the onion last night that should make the rest of the season very interesting. Masters of Sex was good.

i did not sleep well last night at all. i had some horrific dream that i woke up to screaming in my head at 3 in the morning. i believe i talked myself to sleep after that and all i remember is a plane ride with an old girlfriend that ended up crashing. maybe this was all from the chocolate cake last night.

anyone else need some music?

and now some of this and that:

on the DVR tonight will be Monday Night Raw as i will be watching Ohio State seek some revenge against Virginia Tech. after all that is over, i'm going to try to catch this on the WWE Network:

my sister goes back home today. she's over at my uncle's right now. tomorrow is her birthday. i think she had a better weekend than she thought she was going to.

i hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day. enjoy whatever you have planned. watch for the police as they will be out in force trying to catch people drinking and driving. so as usual, either have a designated driver or you better be the designated drunk driver.

for those of you not celebrating a three day weekend, remember that Mondays suck until you break out the vodka. then, not too bad.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Soul Asylum - Summer of Drugs
Jamey Johnson - In Color
Benjamin Booker - Wicked Waters
Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy

"Death is very often referred to as a good career move." - Buddy Holly

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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