Thursday, September 10, 2015

and now the madness really begins

with the NFL starting back up tonight, my addictive relationship with fantasy football begins again. i'm doing 3 teams this year and i feel good about 2 of them. of course, a few injuries and i'll be bitching and moaning endlessly. my goal is to find some balance so my entire day isn't spent checking transaction reports and all the new age stats.

i had a very interesting conversation with a woman on Google+ this morning. let's just say my fingers are crossed for this one. if this turns out to be a cruel trick, it will be the meanest one of all.

got some news last night i didn't want to hear. my aunt Shirley passed away at 65. fucking cancer. Shirley was probably the one aunt on my father's side that i felt the closest to. that's probably because of the vacation to Disney World when i was a child. of course, that was the vacation where i discovered French pastries and my stomach do not get along. and there's nothing quite like getting the shits at the table to cement a moment in time for the rest of your life. i really wish my father wouldn't have lied to his family as he did. 20 years of no communication at all is such a wide gap that i'm trying to close. but it's such a damn wide gap that, at times, i wonder if there's really a point to all of this. i do hope Shirley got the card i sent before she died. knowing my luck, the shock probably sent her over the edge. i have no clue if they are going to bury her here or out in New Mexico. hopefully they decide to take donations instead of flowers at any funeral. i'd much rather give money to someone trying to fight cancer than on flowers that will eventually become trash.

on that uplifting note, onto the fucking New York Yankees pissing another chance to make up ground on Toronto. they lost last night, 5-3, mostly because Stephen Drew fucking sucks. his shitty defense allowed 3 of those runs to score. and to lose a series to Baltimore with how they were playing is completely unacceptable. they now start a 4 game series with Toronto that they need to either sweep or win 3 of the 4. anything less and i will truly believe they have no fucking chance to win the division. and given the injuries that are starting to stack up, it wouldn't shock me to see them piss away a wild card spot as well. hopefully they get a win tonight.

Big Brother was pretty funny last night. i completely understand why Austin lost his mind last night. these dumb fucks still don't realize just how much Vanessa has controlled all of their games. i expect Liz to get voted out tonight and who the fuck knows to win the next HOH.

You're The Worst was spectacular last night. i miss the one relationship i had that was basically drinking and fucking around ALL the time. oh my 20's. hopefully this will be another great season for the show.

NXT last night was pretty damn good. the two main tag team matches were excellent. i can't wait to see what direction they go in with this tag team tournament. here are some highlights:

time for some music kids:

and now some of this and that:

and now some crazy shit:

tonight on the DVR will be Big Brother, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll and Married. i will probably spend most of the night flipping between the Yankees game and the game between the Steelers and Patriots.

i got some FREE music on NoiseTrade today from the amazing Son Little. i will put the link down in the music section.

i did some outside work today for the first time in a week. the weather has finally broken a little. i'm sure the birds and the neighbors that sit outside and watch the birds are happy.

that's all for me today. not sure when i'll be on here tomorrow. i want to get my laundry done and i know we need to go to the grocery store. it sounds like a day where i'll be busier than nine cats covering up shit in a wind storm. that my friends, is the essence of sophisticated white trash.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


R.E.M. - Crush With Eyeliner
Seether - Broken
Bruce Springsteen - Racing in the Street
Son Little - Things I Forgot EP + Lay Down

"Look for joy in your life; it's not always easy to find." - Charles Kuralt

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

please watch this:

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