Monday, October 13, 2014


i didn't sleep well last night at all. not sure if it was what i was watching or the impending rain that kept me up. needless to say, i woke up this morning and felt like there was about 150lbs. of bricks on my back. like i told my buddy over the weekend, when it rains i go from being 38 to 83.

it was nice to have Paul over to watch some football yesterday. we jumped from game to game before settling on watching the Bengals game. he's a fan of them. he certainly wasn't thrilled when the game ended in a tie. but, the game going late got him out of grocery shopping, so he wasn't that upset. i'll probably see him again in two weeks when he doesn't have any kids again.

i did pretty well picking the games yesterday. both of my fantasy teams are leading going into tonight's game. i don't like my chances of winning, even with the players i have going tonight. i'll know by late tonight how it all shakes out.

the Rangers played like shit once again last night, losing 6-3 to Toronto. The King got pulled in the second period. the defense looks horrible right now. i've been watching hockey too long to panic, but this shit has to change soon. they play the Islanders tomorrow night. i won't get to see it as i'll be in Columbus to watch the Blue Jackets face the Dallas Stars.

the Sunday night shows were pretty damn good last night. Boardwalk Empire was great. 2 of the main characters got killed off, which took me by surprise. there's only two episodes left in the series. i have a feeling it's going to go out with a bang. Total Divas had me laughing, mostly because of how stupid they make the show. Last Week Tonight was a rerun, so i caught a little nap. i woke up in time to watch Homeland. it was great as usual. after that, i watched the first episode of The Affair. i think i'm really going to like this show. plenty of sex, some good story telling and a great cast.

tonight is clusterfuck Monday on television. the battle rounds start on The Voice. Monday Night Raw is in Atlanta. i need to keep an eye on Monday Night Football. i will try to watch most of Gotham, while hopefully catching The Big Bang Theory on YouTube. of course, i think mom won a free month of Hulu Plus at McDonald's, so maybe i'll watch it on that. who knows. there's also some baseball and hockey tonight. i guess i should get another nap in soon.

i won my week on fantasy hockey, 6-4. i'm in third place in the league to start out. better than i thought it was going to be that's for sure.

it's been unseasonably warm here today, around the mid 70's. been a painful mix of a little sun and a ton of clouds. my back is telling me that there is more rain on the way. at least i can turn the furnace off for a few days. that will save a few bucks.

i'll probably be on here tomorrow morning sometime. i have no clue when we're driving up to Columbus tomorrow. mom took the week off. i don't blame her, she has 10 weeks of vacation. she might as well use them. until then my friends...

hope everyone had a great weekend. thanks again for allowing me to waste a few minutes of your precious time.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
Broken Bells - Holding on for Life
Josh Thompson - Way Out Here
Little Green Cars - The John Wayne
Joe Ely - The Road Goes On Forever (Live)

"I hate small towns because once you've seen the canon in the park there's nothing else to do." - Lenny Bruce

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