Sunday, January 6, 2019

like a punch to the gut

when the USA got down 2-0 to Finland last night, i was disappointed, but not overly worried. 3 minutes later when the USA had tied the game at 2, i thought for sure they were going to win. sadly, Finland scored with 1:30 left in the game. that was like a punch to the gut. as soon as Finland won the gold, i just changed the channel. i figured that was better than wallowing in misery. on the bright side, if there is one, that's 4 straight years for the USA to get a medal at the World Juniors. the only problem being silver is not a medal you win.

i did watch a good portion of each playoff game last night. neither result really surprised me. the Colts defeated the Texans and the Cowboys beat the Seahawks. the Cowboys will play the Saints if Chicago beats the Eagles today. the Colts will play the Chiefs next week. that means the game today between the Chargers and Ravens will be to see who goes to play New England.

ROH was pretty good last night.

Austin City Limits had Trombone Shorty on last night. it was excellent.

mom wanted pizza last night, for some reason. she decided to order a thin crust pizza from Pizza Hut. i picked it up, along with her chicken wings and breadsticks. the pizza was awful. of course, i lied and said it was fine. later on in the night, i think even mom realized she should have got something else. joy.

enjoy some music:

and now some of this and that:

on the DVR tonight will be Ray Donovan. i figure i'll watch the Golden Globes for most of the evening.

the Dayton Flyers play at home today against Richmond. i'm hoping the boys get their A10 season off on the right foot.

the New York Rangers play this afternoon at the Arizona Coyotes. i should be back home by the time that game starts.

i know i have a trip to the eye doctor tomorrow. i will probably be on here after that is over.

i hope everyone had a great Saturday. i hope your Sunday is even better.

no puedes ganarlos todos

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Trombone Shorty w/Lenny Kravitz - Something Beautiful
Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead
The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight
Metallica - Sad But True (Live)

"Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance." - Carl Sandburg

and your whatever the fuck i wanted you to see video of the day:

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