Saturday, November 3, 2018

life with a bad back...

there is no greater joy in my life than having my back seize up while i'm grocery shopping. and today was the perfect snapshot of my life. i'm over looking at fruits and vegetables and my back just seizes up like i was fucking shot with a machine gun. so there i am, standing frozen like an elderly person lost in thought when this totally amazing light skin black woman walks by. DAMN. the closest i think i have ever seen to perfection in this fucking state in 42 years. all i could think was this is the story of my life. right before i see beauty, i get a reminder that i'm closer to death with every fucking second. i did a quick crack of my back and swallowed deep, as the pain was fucking horrible. the rest of the time in the store was one where i had to dig deep to find the pleasure in the pain. if i have a tombstone, that is what is going on it... here lies J.J. Campbell, a two bit poet who found the pleasure in the pain.

i've spent a good portion of today dealing with some crazy white woman from TNT (Trinidad & Tobago) that is pissed off that i didn't reply to her comments on my poems. i guess i am supposed to check my published poems every single day like a compulsive asshole to see if anyone has left a comment. oh, these foolish assholes. as i have learned over the years, there is such joy in just blocking these people and removing the negativity from my life.

so, let's start this adventure yesterday afternoon. i was watching WWE Crown Jewel (more on that turd later) and mom handed me the phone because she was going to take a shower. i just happened to look at the phone and noticed there was some voice messages on it. i checked them and wouldn't you know, the Highlander was ready at 8:15 yesterday morning. neither one of us heard the phone. i told mom and we left to go get it.

WWE Crown Jewel was going good until Vince decided he couldn't help himself. he just had to give the fans the middle finger. i didn't mind Hulk Hogan hosting the show. i was never that big of a fan. but, when Shane McMahon ended up winning the Best in the World tournament, that put a taste in my mouth that soured everything in the show. just fucking awful.

we did go to see the Dayton Flyers play last night. first off, the part of the arena that is finished looks amazing. our new seats are going to take some getting used to. i like the fact that we don't have another row behind us. we're sitting in a corner now, so it's a completely different view of the court. i did like the fact that mom wasn't affected as much by the lights and sounds like in previous years. when the arena gets finished, it will look like a smaller version of Nationwide Arena in Columbus. as for the game, i do like this team better than last season. it seems to be a better mix of players. now, i have no clue who is going to be the backup point guard. the defense from Dayton last night really didn't get good until the second half. i think that was mostly due to Capital running out of gas. Dayton is very athletic but can't defend worth shit at most times. any success Dayton has this year will come from their defense being turned into easy buckets. now, i did like the fact that they seemed a little more fluid when it came to offense. i absolutely loved what i saw out of Jhery Matos and Obi Toppin. those two should have amazing first seasons with the team. Dayton won last night 89-71. i'll try to forget that Capital (i think a division III team) was in the lead for most of the first half.

after the game, we went to Waffle House. it wasn't bad when we were the only ones in there. and then came the high school kids. i quickly remembered why i don't like white people who have never spent anytime in their lives around anyone with any sense of another culture. good god, so fucking annoying. this is why i always thank my mother for keeping me in a black high school.

Real Time with Bill Maher was excellent last night.

the final episode of Pod Save America was really good last night.

NJPW was good last night.

enjoy some music:

and now some of this and that:

on the DVR tonight will be Saturday Night Live, Austin City Limits, ROH and Shut Up and Dribble.

i did get up this morning, after about 3 hours of sleep, to watch Manchester United play. thankfully, they came from behind today to defeat Bournemouth 2-1. i'll gladly take those 3 points.

after the game, i went to the grocery store. i had to get a ton of stuff today, mostly because i had a coupon that would give me $11 off if i spent at least $110. my goal is usually to keep everything under $100. so, i made sure to get some stuff that we would need, but maybe not right now; batteries, shit like that. plus, i had plenty of other coupons. the cashier nearly shit when he saw i saved over $64 on the groceries. let's just say we are stocked for a few weeks.

i was at the store when the Ohio State game started. good thing, as my mother said when i got home. today was one of those days Ohio Sate played down to its competition. that frustrates the living shit out of me. but, a victory is a victory. Ohio State defeated Nebraska, 36-31.

i will probably watch most of that LSU vs. Alabama game tonight. that should be, at least i'm hoping, a good one.

i have to remember to turn the clocks back tonight one hour. i hate people who say they get to sleep more with that. fuck you. it's another hour for me to write, explore my imagination, find more pleasure in the pain. and when one of you actually figures out what i mean by that, you'll understand me even more.

i will probably be on here tomorrow in the morning most likely. the New Orleans Saints don't play until 4:25, so i'll have plenty of time to get one done tomorrow morning.

i hope everyone has a great Saturday night. call if you need bail money.

Es como golpear un puño contra tus bolas y tener la necesidad de sonreír en lugar de llorar.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Americanadian - Get out of My Head, Thank You
Charles Bradley - I Feel a Change
Noelle Scaggs w/BRAVES - Great For You

"Imperfection is fine." - Anna Wintour

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