Saturday, August 8, 2015

it doesn't have to be pretty to be effective...

let me start this out with a little confession. i completely forgot to do my little flashback Friday portion yesterday. and since that is now 2 weeks in a row i have forgot, i'm going to make it the whenever the fuck i remember flashback. so, here are two poems that i really enjoy. "trash" is a poem i wrote while walking the streets of Chicago when i was 22 years old. i was with my sister and her friend. i believe i ended up writing the poem in the margin of a place mat at the House of Blues. and it is one of my most published poems. you can find it by going here:

my poem "it could have been something more" basically describes my morning. plus, i know an artist in Sweden that just loves these types of poems. you can find that one by going here:

i believe whatever my mom had yesterday i had this morning. good times.

the New York Yankees lost 2-1 last night in 10 innings. why Girardi had a rookie pitching to the heart of the Blue Jays order i'll never fucking understand. they play again this afternoon. the division lead is now down to 3 1/2 games.

NJPW was excellent last night. of course anytime you get to watch AJ Styles, Nakamura and Okada wrestle, it is a treat.

Treehouse Masters was good last night. it was interesting to see how far that industry has come in 15 years.

i'd like to thank Directv for helping us figure out what was wrong with our one remote. now that i know what buttons to push, i won't have to make that call again.

enjoy some music kids:

i didn't stay up that late last night, as i wanted to get some sleep. of course, that didn't happen. so here's some funny shit:

now i'm fucking hungry.

i was up and eating breakfast as the Manchester United game was starting this morning. you could tell that United had a bunch of new faces in new places as everyone was cautious as hell to start the match. but thank you to a Kyle Walker own goal (first time in Premier League history the first goal of a season was an own goal) United was up 1-0 at half. and thank you to Sergio Romero for keeping it that way in the second half. all in all, i'll gladly take the 3 points. the squad will get better over time. but i still say they need another striker and another central defender. that being said, i'll go enjoy my victory beer.

i'm supposed to go to an alumni soccer game tonight. hopefully i feel better by then as it would be nice to see some people i know. this is one of the misfortunes of not being on Facebook. of course, i remember that i was only popular in high school because i always had drugs and alcohol around. when that graces my head every now and then, i know it's not a misfortune at all.

on the DVR tonight will be Power and ROH.

i did a little work outside this morning with my mother. we needed to help this young tree that is getting destroyed by all the fucking rain we've had this summer. i'm hoping the stake and some velcro rope made for trees will do the trick. plus, some of the bird feeders needed some fresh food and the weeds needed pulled. all in all, other than listening to the neighbor talk about church, it wasn't that bad outside.

that's all for me today. i hope everyone is doing well. go have a great weekend. call if you need bail money or help burying a body.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Hayes Carll - Drunken Poet's Dream
Lucero - Darken My Door
Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy
The Coasters - Down in Mexico
Old Crow Medicine Show - Down Home Girl

don't ask me why all the songs start with the letter D. i believe my inner child is fucking with me today.

"A good review from the critics is just another stay of execution." - Dustin Hoffman

and your pro wrestling video of the day:

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