Monday, March 30, 2015

riding the waves

so here's what happened at the doctor's office this morning. i got there a little early, so my gift was to wait until nearly 15 minutes after my appointment was supposed to be until i actually got in. good times. thankfully, my weight was down as was my A1C, which made the doctor really happy. we talked about my ankle and he looked at it. he figures it's tendinitis, but he ordered some x-rays just to make sure. so, i drove there and after waiting in line for 5 minutes behind a woman who shit her pants and another 15 minutes just to get registered to get the x-rays, i finally got in and had 3 x-rays done. i have to call the doc in a few days to see if anything is broken. if it comes back clean, the process will be time and patience. i figure it will be more like pain tolerance and plenty of drinking. i'll post a pic of the bar i have set up at the new house. let's just say i'm an alcoholic.

i sent out 11 poems today; 3 each to Dead Snakes and The Camel Saloon. i sent out 5 poems to Your One Phone Call. when i hear back from these places i'll pass along the verdicts.

it was when i was sending out those poems that i checked and saw my poems had been published on Horror Sleaze Trash. that poem "pink sweatpants" is about 98% true. man, i miss those days.

i watched WrestleMania last night. i was pleasantly surprised with how good the show was. i watched it on the WWE Network as Directv decided not to offer it this year. i was happy that i was able to stream the network through my Bluray player. look at me, finally in the 21st century. hot damn.

i'm really looking forward to Monday Night Raw tonight. this is ALWAYS the best Raw of the year. and after how good the ppv was last night, i'm expecting a fucking great show tonight.

the New York Rangers were the first team in the NHL to get to 100 points this season. sadly, they have shit the bed since that. hopefully they can turn it back up and win the division and go into the playoffs on fire.

i have made the finals of fantasy hockey for the 4th year in a row. hopefully i don't finish second like the last three years.

i got an email today asking for some poems for a broadside project. i guess i need to break out the pen and paper again. of course, i do have a few older poems now available as well. i will hopefully get that submission ready in the next few days.

hopefully the people coming to get the furniture for my sister's friend show up tomorrow. after that shit gets out of the garage, mom can start getting her shit over here. that should help her stress level some.

on the DVR tonight will be The Voice and god knows what else.

i'm just about ready to start hanging the artwork and whatnot in my room. once i get that done, then i'll post some pictures of just how fucking ridiculous my room is.

that's all for today. i'm slowly getting back in the groove. if i happen to carve out a few minutes for this tomorrow, look the fuck out.

hope everyone had a great weekend.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy (Live)
The Band of Heathens - Hurricane
TV on the Radio - Careful You
Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes
Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire

"One of the most beneficial things I've ever learned is how to keep my mouth shut." - Eric Clapton

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