Thursday, March 26, 2015

back in the saddle

i decided i would be something other than lazy today and actually do a blog post. now, i can't guarantee that i'm going to make this a daily ritual once again right away. but, as i'm slowly getting used to life in the suburbs once again, i can see this becoming my drug once again.

the furniture, or most of it, arrived on Monday. mom realized then just how small this house really is. that made me laugh. how we don't end up killing each other before we die of natural causes is beyond me. the good thing is my recliner is finally here and i've been able to sleep in it each time i have put my fat ass in it.

the weather has been crazy the last few days. the rain has really fucked me up. of course, the 30 degree drop in temperature didn't help either. i see the doctor on Monday. that should be an interesting one. since nearly everyone else in my family is a diabetic, i get my screening done on Monday. plus, i'd love to find out what is really going on with my ankle.

the Dayton Flyers had their run in the NCAA tournament ended by Oklahoma. they simply ran out of gas. but, they ran out of it months later than most people thought they would. and today they extended their coach until 2022. i highly doubt he will be here that long, but it does mean the college will get paid when he leaves for a big time job. of course, he may fool us all and stay here forever. he's got some great talent coming in next year. if it all works out, i can sense another deep run coming.

the New York Rangers could clinch a playoff spot tonight. they play Ottawa. more importantly though, The King is back. i believe he's going to play one of the games this weekend. if he can come back healthy and great, get ready for another DEEP playoff run. i really don't give a shit if they win the President's Trophy or not, i simply want the Stanley Cup again before i die.

i've been enjoying The Voice here for the last few weeks. here's a couple of the performances i've really liked:

so far i prefer team Blake (shocker) but i think each team has someone that can win the whole thing.

i didn't get on here to boast about Manchester United beating Liverpool, but i will gladly post the best goal in the Premier League this season:
ladies and gentlemen, Juan Mata...

i am truly enjoying life with a DVR. i don't have to stay up all night to watch shit (even though i do) and i am catching up with a bunch of shows i didn't watch before. of course, my life is still consumed with sports. and with WrestleMania coming up this weekend, you can imagine that pro wrestling is dominating my life at the moment. let's just say my mother isn't that happy.

speaking of pro wrestling, here's one of the best damn casket matches i have seen in years. Lucha Underground is something you absolutely NEED to watch each week:

my brackets for the NCAA tournament aren't horrible. the problem is they aren't great either. at this point i'm just hoping either Kentucky wins it all or loses in the final.

amazingly, most of the cats are still alive. i don't feed them everyday anymore. i do feed them when i'm over there. i'm a little surprised at how resilient they have been. of course, i would gladly love for someone to come along and take them. the other night i was looking out the window here at the new house and saw this huge cat come right up to the door. for a second, i thought one of those fuckers followed me from the farm. that wasn't the case, but the lady that lived here before had cats. as i have told my mother repeatedly, NO FUCKING PETS. i'll have a few bird feeders and battles with the flying rats (squirrels) but the only animal inside of here will be me.

i do know she's fucking stunned that i actually use the vacuum every few days. the house is 90% carpet, so i know it's necessary. i can't wait until we get a dishwasher though. i mean shit, we actually have water now that doesn't stain fucking everything it touches, let's take advantage of it. i know though, all the good shit has to wait until the farm gets auctioned off. hopefully the price gets high enough that my mother and i don't have to worry about fucking anything for at least a few months.

ok, enough of my rambling. got some good shit bubbling in the poetry world, but i don't want to jinx anything. but let's just say that a guy in Sweden has been busting his ass and finally, it may be all paying off. i've got some poems to send out here soon. i believe that will happen in the next few days. most likely before the end of March. can't let the world forget about me just yet.

i'll try to make this a habit once again. hope this finds everyone in good spirits.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


Ryan Bingham - Bluebird
The Firm - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Annie Lennox - I Put a Spell On You
Van Morrison - Cleaning Windows
DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World

"Freedom lies in being bold." - Robert Frost

let's just say that this James Corden is really entertaining me before i fall asleep each night:


  1. Ahhh...finally!! You're back, J.J!! Thanks!!

  2. So, what are you gonna do with the cats? I would suggest a no kill shelter. Since my first DVR I do not know what I would do without one! I hate cable, SOMEBODY got me addicted to TV. urg. Talk soon

  3. i think I posted in the wrong place Standing behind people who have shit their pants and drinking to excess? I was some credit for inspiration! Since I missed how you first hurt your ankle, just coming in now on this. Even if it is broken, you will just get pain pills and t will heal, try not to stress your pretty little head. BTW, I know you never take those pads so please make sure you have my current address. The new place really is going to be an adjustment. You have both lived in that huge house for so long. Consider some badass IKEA shelving to organize. Hrm, are you drinking for the pain, or stress? I'm glad the rest of your Dr. visit went well, there were some definite positives in there. Do what you do best and be patient, try to shelter some of the stress from your mother.XOXO Debbie