Tuesday, February 17, 2015

phat Tuesday

i guess i needed some sleep. i feel like i slept most of last night and this morning. somewhere around 7 hours or so. that's an eternity for me. but, that probably means i'll be up all damn night. great.

let's go back to yesterday afternoon and the Manchester United game. for some fucking reason, this team has fallen into the trap of only coming alive when they get scored on first. it reminds me of the last few years of when Sir Alex was there. and much like back then, the absolute fear of losing must be strong. United came from behind to win 3-1. they advance in the FA Cup to host Arsenal in a few weeks. below are some highlights from the game:

i didn't watch much of the New York Rangers game yesterday. the Islanders scored 11 seconds into the game and i was beyond fucking pissed. when they went up 2-0 i turned the channel and decided i wasn't going to watch another fucking loss to that team. i checked online later and noticed the score was 4-3. i resisted the temptation to turn back to the game. when the Rangers completed the comeback and won 6-5, then i flipped back to the post game interviews and whatnot. needless to say, but that victory beer tasted so fucking good. below are the highlights:

The Jinx was really good. i'm really interested to see where the show goes next week.

Gotham was fucking awesome last night. i absolutely love that show.

Monday Night Raw was interesting last night. i definitely thought it was better than last week. the brawl at the end of the show was really good. that should have the fans fully invested for Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns. the highlight of the night for me was the interaction between HHH and Ric Flair. that certainly put a smile on my face:

when i went out to feed the cats, clean off the sidewalks, etc early this afternoon, i was very thankful it had warmed up to 15 degrees. i believe we hit a high of 21 today. fucking heatwave. i am shocked that i haven't found any dead cats, especially since these fuckers haven't figured out that water does fucking freeze.

mom and i went to the grocery store today. i figured it would be easier to do it today than when it's going to be below zero later in the week. i certainly saw some eye candy in the grocery store. i think a few might even make me put pen to paper soon. all in all, not a bad trip.

i have nothing on television tonight that i'm planning on watching. i figure it will be some home improvement shows and then the news.

i hope everyone is doing well. hopefully this finds you warm with a stiff drink or something else stiff in your hand. thanks again for allowing me to waste a few minutes of your precious time.

a little warning for all of you... there may be a few days coming up that i will be completely offline. given the move and the potential chaos coming, i'm not going to try to find time to squeeze in my blog when that time isn't going to exist. now, i'm certainly hoping i can get this move done and not miss any days on here. but, don't be shocked if that miracle doesn't happen. especially when i'm dealing with a shitty ass company like Frontier Communications.

peace and chicken grease...


Butch Walker - Chrissie Hynde
Michael Burks - Cross Eyed Woman
Gary Jules - Mad World
The Stone Roses - Love Spreads
You+Me - No Ordinary Love

"Limits, like fear, is often an illusion." - Michael Jordan

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