Sunday, April 14, 2013

sports, cats, music, life and not being able to balance all of them

i'll work myself backwards here. just got in from feeding the cats, taking out the trash, etc. i figured while i was outside, i might as well look for my cat, Langston Hughes. i checked all the places the cats usually hide when they are having kittens. no luck. then, i checked all the places where i have found dead cats before. no luck in those places either. sadly, i do believe the cat may be gone. i'll do what i did with all the others, give it 30 days. if Langston doesn't show up by then, i'll sadly have to admit that she's gone.

thankfully, Manchester United won this morning 2-0. it was so nice to see Robin van Persie score again. been way too long. only 7 more points to go to clinch the 20th league title.

i did enjoy Saturday Night Live and ROH tv last night. or, at least what i remember watching of them. the events prior to that drained me.

Louis C.K. new HBO special was hilarious. i laughed my ass off the entire time. thankfully the New York Rangers game and the college hockey national championship game both got done in time for me to watch from the start.

congrats to Yale for winning the college hockey national championship.

the New York Rangers had a playoff type victory over the Islanders last night 1-0, in OT. Hank picked a nice place to get his first shutout of the season. highlights below:
the victory beer tasted oh so sweet after that one.

The Yankees got some shitty, shitty, pitching yesterday from Phil Hughes and lost 5-3. the bullpen did great after Phil dug quite the hole. maybe a few clutch hits along the way and the Yankees could have come all the way back, but it was not meant to be. they play the Sunday night game tonight on ESPN. i'll flip between that and Veep on HBO and Nurse Jackie on Showtime.

the poet of the day on my Google+ page is Leah Angstman. it's hard to believe that i've known Leah for damn near 20 years. she's quite the publisher, poet, future novelist, etc. do check out her work if you get the chance. a good place to start is her website:

i'll be glued to hockey stats all evening as i'm oh so close to pulling off a fucking miracle in fantasy hockey. hopefully i will have great news on that front tomorrow.

hope everyone has a great end of the weekend. the weather has warmed here and the winds have died down. might actually open a window this afternoon as golf puts me to sleep.

music today:

Nine Inch Nails - With_Teeth
The Gospel Whiskey Runners - Hold On

"Creativity takes courage." - Henri Matisse

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  1. Oh my goodness, J. J., I just saw this post during my weekend vanity affair with Googling myself. Thank you so much for the mention! I'm not sure how I missed it earlier, as I'm subscribed to your feed, but so much goes through my feeders on a daily basis that it must have slipped by. Thank you again for the very kind mention. I'll return the shout-out, buddy! :)

    ♥ Leah Angstman