Monday, April 17, 2017

one of those days where i wish i could sleep it all away

you know, the kind of day where you would love to just find a good recliner and take a nap that lasts all afternoon and a good portion of the evening. instead, i've spent most of the day doing dishes and laundry, wondering when my mother is going to realize getting a dishwasher isn't one of those outlandish thoughts for 2017.

Easter dinner yesterday went pretty well. i think my sister and i have matured enough to this point where we realize nothing truly can be gained from fighting with each other.

the New York Rangers played like shit yesterday. they didn't even bother to fake having a pulse until 57 minutes into the game. it's way too fucking late by then. Montreal won 3-1. if The King wouldn't have been excellent again yesterday, it would have been 6, 7 or 8 to 1. truly a fucking joke. Game 4 is on Tuesday. if the Rangers play like that again, this series is more or less over.
when that's the only highlight from the game for the Rangers, you know it was a truly shitty game.

thankfully, the New York Yankees continued their roll last night. Greg Bird finally broke out of his slump and the pitching was excellent once again. they beat St. Louis 9-3 for their second straight sweep. they start a series with the Chicago White Sox tonight. hopefully they can keep the winning streak going.

the series finale of Girls was about what i expected. the one thing i truly enjoyed about the show was how good it was at showing that some parts of life are just fucking mundane. there is no glamour or joy in them. and showing Hannah's frustration with being a new mother was a nice realistic example of what 99.9% of mothers go through. i never cared for shows that sugarcoat reality to a degree that is nothing more than fantasy.

Veep was fucking great last night. i absolutely love the pace of the comedy in the show.

Last Week Tonight was brilliant as always last night. hopefully the people of France were watching.

Guerrilla was very interesting last night. 1971 London is a little before my time, so i was pretty interested in the show. after watching the first episode, i'm in for all 6 episodes now.

Billions was excellent last night. next week's episode certainly looks even more interesting.

Feud: Bette and Joan was great once again. next week is the finale.

enjoy some music:

and now some of this and that:

on the DVR tonight will be Vice News Tonight and The Voice. i will be watching Monday Night Raw and some playoff hockey for most of the night.

i hope everyone had a great weekend. i have no clue when i'll be on here tomorrow. i'm not really sure of my mother's schedule for this week. plus, i'd love to get one more marathon writing session in.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.

peace and chicken grease...


David Gray - This Years Love
Andrew Bird - Capsized
Bob Dylan - The Man In Me
Black Kids - If My Heart Is Broken
Guided by Voices - How's My Drinking?

"An incinerator is a writer's best friend." - Thornton Wilder

and your whatever the fuck i wanted you to see video of the day:

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