Monday, September 1, 2014

of all the damn days...

let me paint a picture here... i just find the news that a Manchester United player was on his way to a rival and my fucking internet goes down. and it goes down for 5 damn hours. of all the damn days, the first of the month, deadline day around the world for soccer, and Frontier Communications proves once again what a piece of shit company it truly is. if the internet wouldn't have come back on at some point today, i believe you would have found me in jail tomorrow. something was going to burn to the ground.

so i woke up this morning to my fantasy football teams that were drafted. just based on projections, i'm supposed to finish 4th and 5th in the leagues i'm in. i'll take those odds. i think both teams can be championship teams. and that is always what i want to do, pull off the double. if i do that, i might end my fantasy football life on a high. of course, the real fun begins when the waiver wire starts. another reason i can't stand shitty internet service. it's never good for fantasy football.

and then i saw the news that Manchester United was on the verge of signing Falcao. first thing i thought was HOLY FUCKING SHIT. and then i waited and waited, and once my internet came back on, i saw this picture...

i have no clue how he will fit into the lineup, but you can never say no to one of the best strikers in the world. United also added Daley Blind today. he will fit in perfectly as a defensive midfielder. should be an interesting season. of course, there were some goodbyes today, most notably Danny Welbeck going to Arsenal and Chicharito going on loan to Real Madrid. that will take some getting used to. all in all, i would have loved to see some more defensive players come in, but i guess we're going to try to win every game 5-3.

i'm typing this up with one eye on Monday Night Raw. so if i stop making sense, it's because i'm watching wrestling.

the Yankees pissed away a 3-0 lead yesterday, losing 4-3. they might as well wave the white fucking flag by now. they were thankfully off today. they start a series with the Red Sox at home tomorrow.

the shows last night were really good. Big Brother was pretty funny. hopefully, in a little bit, i'm going to read some news that is going to make me really happy on Wednesday. Ray Donovan was good. it was a little predictable, but really graphic. that made up for it. The Strain was fucking awesome. i really love this show. Masters of Sex was pretty good as well.

next Sunday is going to be a cluster fuck with some other shows i love starting back up, along with football, so i basically won't be getting to bed until morning. good times.

i basically did nothing on my labor day. i did finish up a birthday gift for my sister. other than that, it was basically me plotting ways to destroy Frontier Communications in a way that would make Hitler blush. trust me, you don't want to catch me on the wrong day.

that's pretty much all for me for now. hopefully i don't have any shitty internet problems tomorrow. if i do, please get bail money ready. thank you for allowing me to waste a few minutes of your precious time.

be well. be creative. be cool. be quick to send me CASH, panties, hate mail, love letters, broken promises and dirty pennies from heaven.


Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel
Grouplove - Let Me In
The Dirty Guv'nahs - 3000 Miles
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Learn How to Love
The Black Angels - Evil Things
Lucinda Williams - Real Live Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings

"The road to success is always under construction." - Lily Tomlin

mom just came in to tell me i'm not going to like the Big Brother news. i swear, if that fucking sociopath Frankie wins it all this year, i will consider never watching the show again. a little advice to reality show producers out there, stunt casting is a sure fire way to turn a loyal fan base against the show FOREVER.

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